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Assessment and Contact Hours

Workload and Assessment

The assessment for this final year module is determined by whether or not the student will be basing a Dissertation on the module:

  • 10% class participation (participation is marked according to quality and quantity of comments in seminars)
  • 10% 1500-word essay (you will be marked according to the sophistication of your argument, clarity and grammatical accuracy of your writing, whether or not you demonstrate visual analysis of a referenced film and/or series, and number of and engagement with sources)

1500-word essay question for 2021: Using one key example, discuss either Cancel Culture's or #MeToo's impact on historical filmmaking and/or television.

  • 40% 3000-word essay on one classic or contemporary historical film/television series (November 22: email chosen topic to tutor)

Aspects to consider: script and development, director/auteur's attitude toward history, editing style, framing, POV, use of close-ups versus medium or long shots, cinematography, self-reflexivity, voiceovers, flashbacks, genre iconoclasm or conformity, casting, politics of remakes, publicity, etc.

  • 40% exam question (past papers are available online; questions always relate to key issues studied in seminars)
  • Although no prior knowledge of film studies or production is required for this module, it is important to acquire a solid working knowledge of key terms used in filmmaking, film and media history, and criticism. David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson's Film Art (multiple editions) is very useful, and has a glossary of terms and useful discussions about shot analysis and breakdown. Jonathan Stubbs's Historical Film: An Introduction (2013) is also a good general resource.

Contact Hours

Student contact hours for this final-year option module are as follows:
  • Module duration: Term 1 weeks 2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10; term 2 weeks 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10; term 3 exam review week 1)
  • Lectures: None
  • Seminars: 18 two-hour seminars
  • Tutorials: 4 hours of feedback and long essay preparation (office hours or by appointment online)
  • Total: Forty hours