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H1383: Madness and Society from Bedlam to the Present - Syllabus

Module Tutor: Professor Hilary Marland

Humanties Building, H319, email


  1. The Madness of King George: A Turning Point in Attitudes to Mental Disorder? (Week 2)
  2. Mind Forg’d Manacles: Madness in the 18th Century (Week 3)
  3. The Trade in Lunacy: Private Asylums in the 18th Century (Week 4)
  4. Reform, Moral Management and the York Retreat (Week 5)
  5. Spaces of Confinement: The Asylum as Utopia in the 19th Century (Week 7)
  6. Foucault’s Great Confinement of the Insane (Week 8)
  7. The Female Malady? Madness and Gender (Week 9)
  8. Psychiatry and the ‘Manufacture of Madness’ (Week 10)
  9. Race, Colonial and Madness (Week 1)
  10. Ethnicity, Migration and Mental Illness (Week 2)
  11. Shattered Nerves (Week 3)
  12. Themes of Degeneration (Week 4)
  13. The Patient’s View (Week 5)
  14. Discourses, Therapies and Conflict: How to Heal the Mind in the 20th Century (Week 7)
  15. Male Hysteria: From Shell-Shock to Combat Exhaustion (Week 8)
  16. ‘Outside the Walls of the Asylum’: Anti-Psychiatry to Care in the Community (Week 9)

Please note the reading list provides additional themes and topics not included in the syllabus. This is to give you a wider choice when selecting essay and dissertation topics.

The vast majority of the readings are available via Talis Aspire/the library as e-books, journals or scanned articles. If you wish to purchase any books second hand, I would recommend: Elaine Showalter, The Female Malady, possibly your own copy of Michel Foucult, Madness and Civilization, or if you can pick up copies of Roy Porter or Andrew Scull's books cheaply, these come highly recommended.

Term 3: Revision seminars (dates TBC, usually Weeks 2 and 4 of Term 3)



Potrait of Dr. Alexander Newington by a patient in Ticehurst House (1891)