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Religious conflict and Civil War in France c. 1560-1600 - week 3

Week 3: Religious Context - the French Reformation & the Huguenot Church

The French Reformation

How successfully and by what means did the Reformation spread in France?

Assess the contribution of Calvin to the French Reformation.

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Documents: Potter: Chap. 1, docs. 9, 11-12, 16

Documents: 1-4

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The Huguenot Church

How militant was the Huguenot movement?

How was the French Reformed Church able to sustain itself despite persecution?


[See the reading on the section on 'The French Reformation', plus...]

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Documents: Potter: Chap. 1, docs. 7-8, 14-16; Chap. 2, doc. 4; Chap. 3, doc. 3;

Chap. 4, docs. 2-3, 8-9; Epilogue

Documents: 2-18

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