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Dissertation and Long Essays

Some previous topics

  • Infanticide and morality
  • Women and their treatment by courts
  • Juvenile delinquents and the Temperance movement
  • Development of the prison system
  • Changing perceptions of the black population
  • Criminally insane
  • Sensation novels
  • Women and insanity
  • Serialisation of crime novels
  • Gender and transportation
  • Masculinity and violence to women
  • Disease and crime (focus on cholera)
  • 'Ticket of Leave' system
  • Upper-class homosexuality
  • Insanity plea
  • Prison diets
  • Female gangs
  • Appeals against transportation
  • Garrotting
  • Poaching and rural crime
  • Women police
  • London gangs
  • Dickens and crime