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Law (Sources)

Primary Sources

  • Old Bailey Online
  • Elizabeth Sliverthorne (ed.), Deposition Book of Richard Wyatt JP, 1767-76 (Surrey Records Society)
  • Elizabeth Crittal (ed.), Justicing Notebook of William Hunt 1744-9 (WIltshire Records Society)
  • Alan Cirket (ed.), Samuel Whitbread's Notebooks, 1810-11, 1813-4 (Bedfordshire Historical Records Society)
  • William Le Hardy, Calendar to the Sessions books 1799-1833 and Calendar to the Sessions Books 1833-1844 (Hertfordshire County Records)
  • Greg T. Smith (ed.), Summary justice in the city : a selection of cases heard at the Guildhall Justice Room, 1752-1781
  • Select Committee on Public Proescutors, 1854-5 (especially pp. 115-124)
  • Martin Madan, Thoughts on Executive Justice, 1785

Key Reading