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Part I: Introduction

Week 1: Introduction: Representing the Seventies

Week 2: The Big Picture: Placing the 1970s in the Writing of Modern British History

Part II: Frameworks

Week3: Politics and the Nation: Crisis or Renewal?

Week 4: Economy and Society: Decline or Progress?

Week 5: Morality and Culture: A Permissive Society?

Part III Case Studies

Week 7: Stand Up and be Counted: Popular Culture and the Idea of National Crisis

Week 8: From New Society to No Society: Social Science and its Discontents

Week 9: On Campus: Students, Universities and the New Society

Week 10: Family Life: Madness, Gender, and the Politics of the Personal

Week 11: Case Studies in Economic Life and Identity: Workers, Capitalists, and Ordinary People

Week 12: The Little Red Schoolbook: Childhood, Sex, and Social Revolution

Week 13: Race and Culture

Week 14: The European Referendum: Lessons from the Pre-History of Brexit

Week 15: Winter of Discontent: Myth, Reality, Memory and Represention of the 70s

Part IV: Synthesis

Week 17: Emotional Life

Week 18: Living Space

Week 19: Economic Life

Week 20: A Nation in Crisis?

Week 21: Essay Workshop