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aims and assessment

Module aims:

At the end of the module students will be able:

To critically engage the history of parent-child relations in Western Europe and North America between 1860 and 2000.

To analyse and compare a diverse range of sources and demonstrate an understanding of the uses and limits of primary source material for historical analysis.

To show enhanced research, writing and communication skills.

To critically reflect at an advanced level on broader theoretical, methodological, and historiographical issues.

To demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of the evolving relationship between parents, children and state within the context of cultural, demographic, political and economic developments in the period since 1860.


2 non-assessed assignments (i.e. 2,000 word essays) due at the end of week 8 in term 1 and week 5 in term 2; students also have the option to complete a mock-exam in term 3.


Either: a three-hour exam for students basing a dissertation on the module.

Or: a two-hour exam and a 4500-word essay for students not basing a dissertation on the module.

Please follow the official departmental deadlines specified on the undergraduate website.