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Amity, Antagonism and Appeasement: Anglo-German Encounters, 1871-1945 (HI3G7)

Tutor: Dr Colin Storer

Office: FAB3.67

Office Hours:

  • Monday 2-3 (in person)
  • Wednesday 10-11 (on Teams)

Email: c dot storer at warwick dot ac dot uk

Seminars (2022-3):
  • Monday 9-11am (OC1.06)
  • Monday 3-5pm (FAB3.33)
Module Overview:

Sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile, always complicated, the relationship between Britain and Germany has been of central importance to the United Kingdom’s relations with continental Europe since the end of the nineteenth century. No other modern European state has inspired such a variety of responses – fear, admiration, envy, and revulsion – or been regarded by turns as such a valued partner or deadly enemy. Nor has any other relationship had such an enduring fascination for historians.

This 30 CATS undergraduate final year module will explore the development of Anglo-German relations between 1871 (the unification of Germany) and 1945 (the end of the Second World War) with the aim of showing why the relationship between Britain and Germany was so important to the histories of both nations. Students will use a wide range of primary sources to survey a variety of Anglo-German encounters and interactions in the political, social and cultural spheres and examine the ways in which personal contact and relationships shaped wider public attitudes and official policy. This will include an examination of travel and tourism, family ties, professional associations and cultural exchange. We will also look at the creation and perpetuation of stereotypes and the role that these played in defining national identities. In this way students will examine the complexity and ambiguity of the Anglo-German relationship as it developed over a period of dramatic political, economic and social change and be encouraged to consider the ways in which it continues to inform British attitudes towards Germany and Europe.

Student Feedback:
  • "Really great varied content and well led, engaging seminars." (2020-21)
  • "Really engaging, intellectually challenging and interesting seminars that have developed my skills as a
    historian as well as a person ahead of future endeavours post-university." (2020-21)
  • "Finding our own sources was very impactful because it allowed us to apply the secondary reading to
    independent and practical analysis. I also enjoyed the alternative tasks, like writing a film review or travel
    narrative because it broke up the usual task of just analysing sources that is common across a lot of
    modules. Most of the reading was really interesting and genuinely useful in terms of addressing seminar
    questions and analysing sources, they were well curated." (2020-21)
  • "This module is a lot more varied than other History modules in terms of the structure of the seminars - there is a greater use of sources that we engage with throughout, which I really enjoyed." (2019/20)
  • "There was a good level of class discussion and debate within the seminar, which helped me significantly in understanding topics and themes. A big part of this was the student-led seminar sessions, which helped foster a more relaxed atmosphere within the classroom, enabling engaging discussion." (2019/20)

  • "Very pleasantly surprised with module overall; hadn't been too excited about it at the beginning of the year but is now potentially my favourite module. Very well taught." (2019/20)
  • "The logical structure of the module allows for one week's learning to build upon the previous weeks in an effective way. This module has also had overlap with current and past modules I have studied, which compliments my understanding of the topic. (2018/19)
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