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Set Texts and Preparatory Reading

Set Texts
  • Chambers, David, and Brian Pullan (eds and trans), ​​Venice: A Documentary History 1450-1630 (1992; rept. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001)
  • Dursteler, Eric R. (ed.), A Companion to Venetian History 1400-1797 (Leiden: Brill, 2013) Brill e-book

As the Dursteler collection is available as an e-book via the Warwick Library, we ask only that you buy a copy of the Chambers and Pullan collection before you arrive in Venice. You can find buying options here. You can either buy your own individual copy or buy one together with a flatmate. NB But you will need to have regular access to a copy as there will be set reading from it each week and it will be useful for your essays.

Preparatory Reading

In order to get the most out of the module, students are encouraged to read a selection of the following books in addition to the set texts before they arrive in Venice:

The following guidebooks are not compulsory but they are recommended:

  • Buckley, Jonathan, The Rough Guide to Venice and the Veneto (London, 2016) [It is available online]
  • Goy, Richard J., Venice: An Architectural Guide (London, 2010). [This has much useful historical information].
  • Sansovino, Francesco, Sansovino's Venice, ed. and trans. Vaughan Hart and Peter Hicks (London, 2017). [An important sixteenth-century guide to the city and its history, now available cheaply in English translation].
  • Scibilia, Michela, Venezia (e laguna) low cost: Guida anticrisi alla città più bella del mondo (Milan: BUR, 2013) [Available on Kindle. For ways to live cheaply in Venice]

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