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Module Participation: What is it? How will I be assessed?

This year, all students in this module will receive a summative mark for their active participation in class. The good news is that this means that 10% of your final mark is COMPLETELY in your own control. There will be two parts to your assessment. First, all students will be responsible for finding historical sources related to our weekly topics. Second, all students will be marked based on their contribution to module discussions, online and in person.

Below, I'll talk you through how we did this assessment last year, and give you a couple of key tips. But as you know, 2020-2021 is likely to give us new challenges and new learning situations. Ensuring that your online participation is comfortable and properly counted in particular make take some tweaks. So please regard the below as subject to changes that we will agree together in class as and if needed.

IMPORTANT: last year we discovered that two factors made the difference between getting a good 2.1 or 1st class mark for participation and getting a much lower mark: the first factor required to get a good mark is making sure you hand in your module archive pieces ON TIME, EVERY TIME. Tabula won't prompt you to do this, as it only scores your participation one time, at the end of the module -- so you do need to keep on top of this yourself. Why don't you pop 'your' archive week due dates into your calendars now? The second factor was ensuring that you don't have unexcused absences. Mathematically, these are an absolute killer for your participation mark, because every single unexcused absence is a zero that has to be averaged in. So do PLEASE email me if you can't make it to class, and you have a good reason for that -- I know that emergencies happen, families need you, transport lets you down, and stuff comes up: but you need to tell me this in time for me to record an excused absence.

Part 1. The Module Archive

You will be assigned to one of three groups. Every week in Term 1, and ONCE in Term 2, students in the designated group will each be responsible for finding and submitting to your group's online 'general' forum page by 3pm on the preceding Friday one primary source [NB this deadline is extended to 12 noon, Monday of week 4 for the Week 4 groups ONLY, as we lost a week!] linked to the weekly seminar topics, along with at least two keywords, and a brief critical interpretation of that source (see examples here). These sources will be available for class research and discussion in the following week ('your' week). Submission of these required source and interpretation pieces (from week 3) will constitute half of your participation mark for the module. I will assess your performance on this aspect of participation across the whole year, based on the following criteria:

1. Have you submitted a primary source to me, on time, each week that it is your group's turn to do so?

2. Do your primary sources reflect or speak directly to the questions and themes of our seminars for the weeks in which they were submitted? Tell me how: do they confirm, contradict, or nuance the claims made in the wider secondary literature, like our readings for the week? Do they shed new light on an aspect of migration (or a population of migrants) that have been neglected? Sources can be historical or contemporary, but must directly connect to the week's questions and content.

3. Have you critically assessed your source, thinking about who produced it, for what audience, and in what context? Have you offered a persuasive interpretation of your source, demonstrating how it addresses the week's themes? This should take the form of a couple of paragraphs of text, accompanying your source.

At the end of the year, I will drop your lowest mark, and take the average of your remaining marks as the overall mark for this component.

Part 2. Oral contribution

In just the same way that I record attendance, I will track your oral participation -- every comment, reflection and question, and all of your conversations/chat messages during group work with other students in class, counts as participating, so do join in! Your weekly contributions to discussion (after week 3) will constitute the other half of your participation mark for the module. I will assess your performance on this aspect of participation across the whole year, based on the following criteria:

1. I will keep a weekly record of students who participated in our discussion and in group work conversations/chats. In weeks 1 and 2, we will discuss together what kinds of contributions are going to be most valuable to our specific seminar group, and for the remainder of the year, I will assess our discussions according to the criteria we select.

2. I will provide you with regular feedback on how you are doing, and what you can do to improve your oral participation even further. At the mid-year, I will provide indicative informal marks.

Please note: if you struggle with this aspect of the module, do come see me in office hours and we will work out a strategy to make public speaking less of a hurdle for you. If you have a specific disability or condition that affects/limits your oral participation, let me know and we will design an alternative assignment.