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Public History Workshop

Today we will work together to develop your approaches to the Applied Project. We will explore the major formats available for the applied project -- blogs, podcasts, and virtual exhibition galleries -- and some exciting variations developed by HI3H7 students in past years. We will talk about the strengths and weaknesses of each format for the production of public history, and about the way to ensure 'fit' between your topic and the format you choose. I'll say a few words, too, about how the projects will be assessed and marked, and how this turned out for students in previous years. Please also bring:

1. Your proposed topic and draft questions;

2. Your ideas about your audience: who do you want to address through your project? School kids? Policymakers? Elders? Teachers? Teens? Politicians?

3. Your ideas about your preferred approach: will you blog? curate an exhibition? make a podcast?

4. A few ideas about the kinds of sources you might want to use: Film clips? Interviews with family or community members? Historical journalism? Photos? Maps?

Slides and Document List from the MRC visit:

This is the powerpoint Pierre Botcherby showed during our visit

This is the list of documents that Pierre got out for us.

Take a look at this creative approach to exhibition-making:

Out of the East and Into the West

Required Readings: See Talis for live links until I finish editing this page!

Note for studentsThis short introduction will help answer the question 'What is public history', and introduce you to the different examples and models offered in the rest of this useful reference book.

Note for studentsAgain, this is useful and clear SHORT introduction to the basic ethos of public history.

And ONE of the below, OR a chapter from the Companion to Public History that relates to your topic/approach.