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Week 2. Travel and Travel Writing: A Global Genre

Travel is about navigating unfamiliar spaces, experiencing difference, and a sense of belonging or being out of place. It is also about processes of appropriation, representation, and classification. This week we will discuss what a global history of travel looks like, how we can study travel and for what purposes, and in which ways the theme of travel intersects with our individual research interests. We will also consider who speaks in travel records and why, and how the perspectives we bring to our subject impact on the way histories of travel are told and interpreted.

Core readings

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Muzaffar Alam and Sanjay Subrahmanyam, 'Beijing to the Bosphorus: Notes on the Travel Account', India International Centre Quarterly 30.3-4 (2003-2004), pp. 89-107. Link.

Seminar Questions

1. Das and Youngs describe different disciplinary and methodological approaches to the study of travel. How do they differ? Which are most useful and valuable to you?

2. In what ways can we use travel records as a historical source and what are the kind of questions they help us address?

3. Pratt situates her work in a tradition that seeks to "decolonize knowledge" (p. 2). What does this entail, and how can this be achieved when focusing on European travel records and their "meaning-making"?

4. What does Pratt's concept of the "contact zone" offer to students of travel?

5. Alam and Subrahmanyam critique the tendency of reading e.g. Persian or Chinese travel accounts through the mirror of Western ones. How does "an opening to the world outside Europe" (p. 104) decentre and recalibrate conventional assumptions?

Further Reading

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