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Resolutions II


Alongside the judicial settlements we discussed in the previous seminar, other forms of resolutions were widespread in early modern Europe. These include mediation, reconciliation, feuding, and dueling. We will examine these processes in this seminar.

Seminar Questions

How were mediation and reconciliation used in early modern Europe?

What were the forms and nature of feuds and duels in early modern Europe?

Required Reading

Each student should read Stephen Cummins and Laura Kounine, eds, Cultures of Conflict Resolution in Early Modern Europe (Farnham, 2015), Introduction AND two articles or book chapters from the items below:

Boes, Maria R., Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Germany: courts and adjudicatory practices in Frankfurt am Main, 1562-1696 (Farnham, 2013)

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Further Reading

Anglo, Sydney, The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe (New Haven, 2000)

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