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Term 1 Week 4: Mining and Masculinity

This week we will examine the development and workings of mining economies in South Africa and Zimbabwe. These areas became centres of industrialisation, urbanisation and economic development from the late nineteenth century, drawing in labour, migrants and capital from across the region and the world. Our analysis will focus on working and living conditions for miners; the racialisation of the labour process; and constructions of masculinity.

Core Reading

Robert Morrell, 'Of boys and men: masculinity and gender in Southern African studies', Journal of Southern African Studies, 24 (1998), pp. 605-630.

Charles Van Onselen, Chibaro: African Mine Labour in Southern Rhodesia, 1900-1933 (1980 edition), chapters 1 and 2, pp. 11-63. Ebook

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K. Breckenridge, ‘The Allure of Violence. Men, Race and Masculinity on the South African Gold Mines, 1900-1950’, Journal of Southern African Studies, 24 (1998), pp. 669-93.

Seminar Questions

1. How did race, gender and class shape the lives of mineworkers in Zimbabwe and South Africa?

2. How did violence structure relationships on the mines?

3. How far did living and working conditions vary between mines in South Africa and Zimbabwe?

4. How useful is masculinity as a category of analysis in southern African history?

Primary Sources

Peter Abrahams, Mine Boy (1946). E-book available via the library

Time magazine photo essay on South Africa in 1950 (includes various photographs of mineworkers).

Dying for Gold (2018) - trailer, Justice for Miners Campaign and further reading (including primary and secondary sources)

Further Reading

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