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Term 2 Week 4: Love and Sexuality

This week examines a range of issues in the history of love, romance and sexuality. We will consider a range of relationships, from ‘heterosexual’ to 'same-sex' relationships. We will also consider contemporary movements for LGBTQ+ rights and the impacts of HIV/AIDS.

Core Reading

Lynn M. Thomas and Jennifer Cole, 'Introduction: Thinking Through Love in Africa', in Jennifer Cole and Lynn M. Thomas (eds), Love in Africa (Chicago, 2009), pp. 1-30. Ebook [via The Library and Google Books]

Lynn M. Thomas, 'Love, Sex and the Modern Girl in 1930s Southern Africa', in Jennifer Cole and Lynn M. Thomas (eds), Love in Africa (Chicago, 2009), pp. 31-57. Ebook [via The Library and Google Books]

Various excerpts from DRUM Magazine's 'agony aunt' column, originally called 'Priscilla Asks', and later 'Dear Dolly'.

M. Epprecht, ‘Sexuality, Africa, History’, The American Historical Review, 114 (2009), pp. 1258–72.

Donald Donham, 'Freeing South Africa: The "Modernization" of Male‐Male Sexuality in Soweto', Cultural Anthropology, 13, 1 (1998), pp. 3-21.

Seminar Questions

1. What insights into African history can be gained by 'thinking through love' (Thomas and Cole)?

2. What do we learn about perceptions and experiences of love, sex and relationships from the 'Dear Dolly' columns?

3. Are Western categorisations of sexuality useful in the study of southern African sexualities?

4. How has HIV/AIDS impacted romantic and sexual relationships in southern Africa?

Further Reading

Signe Arnfred (ed), Re-thinking Sexualities in Africa (2004)

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process', History in Africa: A Journal of Method 26 (1999), pp. 25-41.

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Sylvia Tamale (ed), African Sexualities: A Reader (2011)