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Term 2 Week 5: Gender-Based Violence

This week we will examine gender-based violence in southern Africa. Our readings focus on instances of sexual violence in the Cape Colony, colonial Zimbabwe, and post-apartheid south Africa. We will consider links between sexual violence and colonial control, the impacts of legislation, and the endemic problem of gender-based violence in contemporary southern Africa.

Please note, the readings contain descriptions of physical and sexual violence.

Core Reading

P. Scully, ‘Rape, Race, and Colonial Culture: The Sexual Politics of Identity in the 19th Century Cape Colony, South Africa’, The American Historical Review 100, (1995), pp. 335-359.

John Pape, 'Black and white: The ‘perils of sex’ in colonial Zimbabwe', Journal of Southern African Studies 16 (1990), pp. 699-720.

Koni Benson & Joyce M. Chadya, 'Ukubhinya: Gender and Sexual Violence in Bulawayo, Colonial Zimbabwe, 1946–1956', Journal of Southern African Studies, 31 (2005), pp. 587-610.

Helen Moffett, ‘These Women, They Force Us to Rape Them’: Rape as Narrative of Social Control in Post-Apartheid South Africa, Journal of Southern African Studies, 32, 1 (2006), pp. 129-144

Seminar Questions

1. In what ways was sexual violence used as a tool of social control in colonial contexts?

2. How did instances of sexual violence reflect broader gender relations and power struggles in colonial societies?

3. To what extent do instances of sexual violence in contemporary southern Africa build on longer histories and structures of violence?

4. What types of source material can historians use to examine the history of sexual and gender-based violence?

Primary Sources

'Stories Of Change: South African Survivors of Sexual and Gender Based Violence Speak Out', from

UN Women, Perceptions Study on Social Norms around Violence against Women and Girls in Malawi (2018)

JM Coetzee, Disgrace (1999)

C. Smith, Proud of Me: Speaking Out against Sexual Violence and HIV (Johannesburg, Penguin, 2001)

Further Reading

Emily S. Burrill, Richard L. Roberts, and Elizabeth Thornberry (eds), Domestic Violence and the Law in Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa (Ohio AH, 2010).

Amanda Gouws, 'Gender-based violence in South Africa: what’s missing and how to fix it', The Conversation, May 25, 2017.

Rachel Jewkes, Charlotte Watts, Naeema Abrahams, Loveday Penn-Kekana and Claudia García-Moreno, 'Ethical and methodological issues in conducting research on gender-based violence in Southern Africa', Reproductive Health Matters, 8, 15 (2000), pp. 93-103.

T. Keegan, ‘Gender, Degeneration and Sexual Danger: Imagining Race and Class in South Africa, ca. 1912’, Journal of Southern African Studies 27, (2001), pp. 459-477.

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Safer Spaces: 'Gender-based violence in South Africa'

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