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Outline Syllabus

Week 2: Introduction
Week 3: The Portuguese arrived
Week 4: Christian missionaries in China
Week 5: The Canton trade

Week 6: Reading Week (no seminar)
Week 7: Macartney Embassy historiography
Week 8: Macartney Embassy archives
Week 9: Opium War historiography
Week 10: Opium War archives

Week 1: Blue and white porcelain
Week 2: Everyday life in Canton
Week 3: Space and Soundscapes of Canton
Week 4: Pirates and the Canton trade
Week 5: Sailors and Whampoa
Week 6: Reading Week (No Seminar)
Week 7: Murder eases and extraterritoriality
Week 8: Murder cases archives
Week 9: Sailor's archives
Week 10: Ordinary work's archives