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Outline Syllabus

  1. Tang: Medieval travel and the Silk roads (Xuanzang, Rubruck)
  2. Song: Explorations in South-east Asia (Zhao Rugua, Zhou Daguan)
  3. Ming: Travelling within the Ming empire (Xu Xiake and Gaspar da Cruz)
  4. Qing: Christianity and the Jesuit accounts of China (Matteo Ricci, Du Halde, Le Comte)
  5. Republican Era: Travel at the turn of the century (Shan Shili and Hu Shi)
  6. reading week
  7. Travel and gender
  8. Travel and Science: explorations by Li Shizhen and Robert Fortune
  9. Race and the colonial gaze
  10. Attempts at diplomacy (Nieuhof, Macartney, Van Braam Houckgeest)

Li Shizhen