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Final Year Advanced Option 1 (Applied)

For assessment deadlines, see the Undergraduate Handbook.

Oral Participation/engagement (10%)

This will be assessed through a self-evaluation at the end of the module.

Essay (1,500 words) (10%)

A short focused essay on the relationship between science and one of the major political movements of the twentieth century, such as fascism, socialism, feminism, anticolonialism, or alike.

Policy Document (Applied Task) (3,000 words) (40%)

Drawing on historical analysis and evidence, students will write a policy document making recommendations with regards to science and politics in the present. Students will be given a list of case studies to choose from: for example, scientific racism, climate change, nuclear power, the representation of women in STEM subjects, international development, or genetic editing, amongst others.

Students will be given training on how to write a policy document as well as examples, drawing from the History & Policy website.

By writing a policy document, students will be able to put what they have learned into practice, and also be better prepared for careers in government, policy, NGOs, activism, and law, amongst others.

Essay (3,000 words) (40%)

A normal undergraduate essay on one of the broad themes of the course. A list of potential essay titles will be provided by the convenor, or you can come up with your own title so long as it is confirmed in writing with the convenor.