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Medicine in the Early Modern Period (Elaine Leong)

This seminar focuses on the early modern understanding of body and its medical care. Barbara Duden’s monograph The Woman Beneath the Skin (English translation 1991) still provides a provocative entry into this area of research. The introduction, which discusses various possibilities how to deal as an historian with bodily experiences pre-1800, will allow us to highlight important questions and problems involved in the study of the body and medicine in the early modern period. Nancy Siraisi’s chapter on how early modern contemporaries understood the functioning of their bodies will offer us the necessary historical background for Duden’s more theoretical piece.

Seminar Reading

Duden, Barbara, The Woman Beneath the Skin: A Doctor’s Patients in Eighteenth-Century Germany (1991), Chapter 1 ‘Towards a History of the Body.’

Siraisi, Nancy G., Medieval and Early Renaissance Medicine (1990), chapter on physiology (or more if you like!)

Further Reading

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