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Week 7 Empires

Tutor: Robert Fletcher (

What are empires? What forms do they take? How should we understand their apparent efflorescence across the nineteenth-century? How do empires and nation states differ, and how has the study of each differed? What can studying empires add to our understandings of globalisation? And how do the fields of imperial and global history relate to one another?

In this seminar we will explore empires from a global historical perspective.

Please aim to read at least three of the core readings, following up on the points that interest you the most.

Core Readings:

P. Bang and C. Bayly (eds), ‘Tributary Empires: towards a comparative and global history’, in Tributary Empires in Global History (New York, 2011), pp. 1-17.

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Further reading:

G.B Magee and A.S. Thompson, Empire and Globalisation: networks of people, goods and capital in the British world, c.815-1914 (Cambridge, 2010).

J. Osterhammel, Colonialism: a theoretical overview (Princeton, 2002).

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