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Postgraduate Conference

History Department Postgraduate Conference

The 2021 Department of History Postgraduate Conference is an opportunity for postgraduate researchers in the department to showcase their work. The conference will be taking place over a series of morning sessions from Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th May.

All are welcome to attend!

View the full programme here: Programme

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Plain text programme

Day 1 - Tuesday 25th May

9.30 - Opening remarks, Mark Knights

9.45 - Panel 1: Early Modern Religion and Identity (chaired by Mark Knights) Watch recording

Annabelle Goman Identity and Assimilation in Early Stuart England: The Dutch ‘Strangers’
of Colchester, 1603-1642
Connor Talbot Faction and Family in the Antinomian Controversy, 1636-1638
Hannah Straw The Hagiography of a Syphilitic Saint: Deathbed Conversation Narratives
of the 2nd Earl of Rochester
David Fletcher “A stage-sermon, or a pulpit-play”: Theatricality, and the liminality between
the stage and the pulpit, 1660-1714

12.00 - End of Day 1

Day 2 - Wednesday 26th May

9.30 - Panel 2: Early Modern Bodies (chaired by Rebecca Earle) Watch recording

Imogen Knox Conversations with demons: possession, bewitchment, and self-destruction in early modern Britain
Serin Quinn “The Spanish Potato, he holds as a bauble”: New World Foods and the
Early Modern English Body
Daniel Gettings ‘Internal’, ‘External’ and ‘Super essential’: water, environment and the
early modern body

11:00 - Coffee break

11:30 - Panel 3: Modern Gender and Identity (chaired by Meleisa Ono-George) Watch Recording

Hannah Sherwood Battleground for the Sexualised Female Body
Montel Gordon Policing the crises and black communities: The economic crises and
policing during the 70s and 80s
Sue Lemos ‘For ourselves, by ourselves’: The Black Lesbian and Gay Centre (Project) in
London, 1980s-1990s

13:00 - End of Day 2

Day 3 - Thursday 27th May

9.30 - Panel 4: Science, Childhood and Disability in Europe, 1870-1960 (chaired by Anna Hájková) Watch recording

Milana Aronov Autism and Behavioural Therapies in the Light of History of Children’s
Mental Health in France, 1960s
Samir Hamdoud Care, Life and Death at the Royal Albert, 1870-1920

10:30 - Coffee break

10:45 - Panel 5: Gender, Benevolence and Politics (chaired by Mark Philp) Watch recording

Maria Tauber “For I did not care to be a farmer’s wife” – managing the role of the MP’s
wife in late 17th century England
Dave Steele The Gendered Crowd: Restitution of the hidden feminine component of
British reform crowds, 1816-1848
John Wilmot Contested benevolence: rival medical charities in 1830s Coventry
Oihane Etayo Opposers of change; drivers of change: gendering food reform activism
through network analysis

12:45 - End of Day 3

Day 4 - Friday 28th May

9:30 - Panel 6: Racial and Colonial Politics (chaired by Daniel Branch) Watch Recording

Xiaofang Ma African Americans in the Anglo-American Atlantic Public Spaces from
1800 to 1865
William Harrop ‘A potential Garden of Eden’: Cotton, empire and decolonisation in the
Aden Protectorate, 1947-1960
Niels Boender The Ghosts at the Banquet: Kiama Kia Muingi and the legacies of
colonial violence in Kenya, 1956-1959

11:00 - Coffee break

11:15 - Panel 7: Race, Colonial and Post-Colonial Contexts (chaired by Aditya Sarkar) Watch Recording

Dhimoyee Banerjee The Queen is Dead, Long Live the Queen; Practice and Legacies
of Indian Matrilinies
Liz Egan Remembering Morant Bay: Articulating codes of race and colour through the
Morant Bay Rebellion

12:30 - Closing Remarks, Rebecca Earle Watch Recording

12:45 - Lunch break

13:30 - Post Conference Social

PG Throwback Friday PG Throwback Friday - Bring an object from your past (it can be anything from your comfort
blanket to your lucky pencil, or a photo of your pet!) and get ready to explain its significance
for your own History!

15:00 - End of Day 4

Call for Papers

The Call for Papers has now closed, but can be found here: Call for Papers