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Postgraduate Conference 2007/2008



Date: Thursday 29th May, 2008  
Venue: Mathematics Building, Warwick University Campus  
Conference Time: 9.00am to 5.00 pm Followed by drinks reception: 5.00pm to 6.00pm

9:00 – 9:30am 


Registration - Mathematics Building Atrium

Tea & Coffee

9.30 – 10.00am  Opening remarks from Dr Rebecca Earle – MS. 01

10.00 – 11.20am 


Session 1a in MS. 01

The Global Representation of Nations’

Chair: William Rupp

Gerard Hill: ‘An unprecedented influx’: representations of the Irish in the Toronto Globe 1847-55.

Farhat Hussain: 'The presence and portrayal of Muslim medicine in western history of medicine of texts since 1900'

Yoni Ozdana: 'The Crimean War: The European Balance of Power from the Ottoman Perspective'

Andrea Cadelo-Buitrago:'Images of Nation in Nineteenth-century Colombia'


Session 1b (running in parallel) in MS. 02

‘Popular Culture/ Media of Expression’

Chair: Jonathan Willis

Mary Legge: 'Filming the White's Man's Burden: Film Propaganda and the British Retreat from Empire, 1946-57'

Katie Nelson: 'The First English Autobiography? Tudor Musician Thomas Whythorne and his Manuscript'

Kirstin Lohman: 'The popular experience of Punk in Eastern Europe'

Simon Willmetts: 'Confronting Modernity: Mexico and the Beat Generation'

11:20 – 11.40am  Tea & Coffee - Mathematics Building Atrium

11.40 – 1:00pm 

Session 2a in MS. 01


‘Seeing Space in History: A Look at the Material and Physical World’

Chair: Kate Smith

Jenny Elliott: 'Domestic Objects and the Communication of National Identity in Ireland 1890-1920'

Anna Clugston: 'An Inconvenient Truth: Suburbia and the American Use of Space in the 1940s and 50s'

Harriet Palfreyman: 'Cutting for the Stone; Medical illustration and surgical knowledge in early modern England'

Morwenna Rae: 'An Eighteenth Century Village'


Session 2b (running in parallel) in MS. 02


‘Constructing Identities: Spotlight on Slavery’

Chair: Lydia Plath

Alicia Mascall: 'How Scientific and Intellectual Ideas Regarding Race and Gender Influenced Public Discourse and Public Policy in the U.S. 1870-1920'

Sergio Lussana: 'Band of Brothers: Enslaved Masculinity and Friendship in the Antebellum South'

Emma Rhoades-Brown: 'Significance of gender on the slave body in the South US'

Abigail Betts: 'Comparative study of runaway slaves in the Americas'

1:00 – 2:00pm  Lunch - Mathematics Building Atrium

2:00 – 3.00pm 

Session 3a in MS. 01


Life on the Margins: Experience and Attitudes’

Chair: Sergio Lussana

Roxanne Homayoun Mirza: ‘Unemployment in Inter-War Britain: Masculinity, Psychological Health, and Physical Health’

Charlotte Edy: 'Poor relief and social welfare in France during the wars of religion'

Anna Galvin: 'From asylums to psychiatric hospitals. A study of St Matthew's Hospital in the twentieth century'


Session 3b (running in parallel) in MS.02


‘Contested Cultures: Power and Society’

Chair: Laura Sangha

Jonathan Packer: 'The history of white farmers in Zimbabwe. Whose right to the land?'

Stephen Bates: 'Evangelism and Conversion in Reformation England'

Saghar Sagedian: 'Missionary Activites in Iran, 1850-1911 : some Iranian Documents' Account'

3:00 – 3.20pm  Tea & Coffee - Mathematics Building Atrium

3.20 – 4.40pm  

Session 4a in MS. 01


‘Framing the Experience of Violence’

Chair: Thomas Rogers

Ian Davis: ‘Caught in the Crossfire: Dauphiné Towns in the French Wars of Religion’

Paul Morris: 'Remembering the Fallen since 1945: The National Memorial Arboretum and The Armed Forces Memorial'

Aidan Jackson: 'Violence in the Californian Gold Rush: Extent, Nature, and Conceptualisations'

Harriet Fisher: 'The Prosecution of the Crime of Rape in Seventeenth-Century England'


Session 4b (running in parallel) in MS.02


‘Left out. Politics on the Edge?’

Chair: William Rupp

Laura Bridgman:"My Place is in the Co-operative Movement" - Women's Employment and Education in the campaigns of the Women's Co-operative Guild, 1889 to 1919'

Celia Hughes: 'The History of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign: the substructure of far left British activism, 1966-69'

Andrew Leach: 'Popular Support of Appeasement: Trade Union Pacifism in 1930s Britain'


4.40 - 6.00pm

Closing remarks from Prof Peter Marshall, Director of Graduate Studies followed by Drinks Reception - Mathematics Building Atrium



Date: Friday 30th May, 2008  
Venue: Mathematics Building, Warwick University Campus  
Conference Time: 9.30am to 12.40 pm Followed by light lunch: from 12.40pm onwards

9:30 – 10.00am 


Registration - Mathematics Building Atrium

Tea & Coffee

10.00 – 11.20am 

Session 5a in MS. 01


‘Communicating Morality’

Chair: Mark Hailwood

Young-Hwi Yoon: 'The Impact of Abolitionism on the Place of Morality in British Politics in the late 18th century'

Hayley Norton: 'Wedding Sermons in Early Modern England: Practice and Genre'

Noah Bell: 'The administrative performance of Warwickshire JP's with respect to the problem of the poor, 1660-1685'

Jenny Townshend: 'Richard Baxter and the Reformation of Manners'

11.20 – 11.40am  Tea & Coffee - Mathematics Building Atrium

11.40 - 12.40pm 

Session 5b in MS.01


‘Tools of Imperialism? Structuring a Nation’

Chair: Katie Nelson

Joydeep Sen: 'Just Another Colonial Science? Astronomy in India, c.1815-c.1875'

Hema Yellapragada:'Interplay of Imperialism and Nationalism on Princely states of India, 1914-1922'

Matthew Lockwood: 'The growth of professionalisation in the Royal Navy through conflict with Spain in the eighteenth century and its emergence in the Napoleonic War'

12.40 – onwards 

Closing remarks from Prof Margot Finn (TBC), Department Chair, followed by Light Lunch - Mathematics Building Atrium