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2019-2020 PG Conference

The Warwick Postgraduate History Podcast 2020

Due to the unforeseen global pandemic, the Warwick 2020 History Department Postgraduate Conference, due to be held Thursday 28th and Friday 29th May, was unable to go ahead as planned.

However, the organising committee recognised that it is important to continue sharing our work, our projects and our discussions at this time. Fortunately, we live in a digital age; communicating and sharing ideas remotely has never been easier.

So, instead of the conference, we have recorded and published a series of podcasts showcasing postgraduate history projects and work. We had some wonderful applications and are excited to share the podcast series with you. Episodes are linked below, and can also be found via Soundcloud, Spotify, and Itunes.

We want to thank all the participants for sharing their research and we hope that listeners will enjoy hearing about these exciting projects as much as we have.


The Warwick PG History Conference Organising Committee 2020.

Episode 1: Health and Power in the Past

Episode 2: "Enthusiastical or Fanatical Atheists" The Court Wits and Religious Identity

Episode 3: Latin America in a Transnational Perspective

Episode 4: Power and Protest in the Long Nineteenth Century

Episode 5: Queer(in)g History

Episode 6: Communal Commemoration and Emotion

Episode 7: Across the British Empire: Voices, Stories and Representations

Episode 8: Clean Eating and Tanning as Cultural Phenomena

Episode 9: Culture on the Margins of the Ming Empire

Episode 10: International Organizations and Networks: Health and Disability in the late Twentieth Century

Episode 11: Printed Identities and Identities of Print in the Early Modern English Parliament and the Old South

If you have any queries about it, please contact a member of the Organising Committee at or

Organising Committee 2019/2020

Adam Challoner

Hannah Dennett

Liz Egan

Erin Geraghty

Maria Tauber

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Each year Warwick History Department holds a two-day conference, at which postgraduate students present papers on their doctoral or Masters research. The audience is composed of students and members of academic staff, who provide a friendly environment for sharing ideas and receiving feedback.

The details of past conferences and full programmes can be found here

Last year's PG Conference Programme (2018/2019)