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Information for International Students

Welcome to the Warwick History web-page for visiting international students. We are a large department of over 40 faculty staff with a broad range of specialisms in British, European, North and South American, as well as Indian, Chinese and South African history. We start in the early modern period - in the Renaissance - and continue up to the present. We are an active research department, with particular strengths in social and cultural history. You will find that Warwick provides a friendly, accessible environment, as well as an intellectually challenging one. Most of us are ourselves familiar with studying abroad and we appreciate the extra initiative involved. Each year we have at least a dozen visiting students.

Exchange programmes

Visiting students are normally either based within the History department as part of the European Union exchange programme or Junior Year Abroad programmes from the USA and Japan; or they may be based in other departments and wish to take individual History courses as outside options.

In the first instance you should contact your own international programme at your home university to ascertain whether an exchange already exists with Warwick, and obtain the necessary application forms. In either case, formal exchange or not, please also consult the Warwick International Office for further details of general application procedures and accommodation.

For academic-related questions, such as module choice, contact the department's relevant exchange coordinators:
European visiting students: Dr Anna Hájková
American visiting students: Professor J.E. Smyth
Asian/Australasian visiting students: Dr Aditya Sarkar

Overseas students interested in taking an entire undergraduate degree (a BA, or bachelor of arts) should consult the Warwick Admissions Office.