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Introduction to PhD Studies

The breadth of expertise and experience in the History Department (currently forty or so full-time members of staff), along with a thriving culture of research, seminars and conferences, make Warwick one of the very best universities in the UK to undertake research in history.

PhD students normally complete their degrees within three to four years of full-time study, or five to six years part-time. As a research student your closest contact will be with your supervisor, or supervisors, who will meet with you regularly to discuss your work, and agree a programme of reading, research and writing with you.

Additional support and training are provided by the Department, Arts Faculty and the Graduate School, as well as by History’s many reading groups, seminars, workshops and conferences. History researchers will benefit from the University Library’s new Research Exchange, a dedicated postgraduate conference and study area, with state-of-the-art facilities.

The Course:

Successful applicants are admitted in the first instance to the MPhil degree, and are expected to pass through an Upgrade procedure from MPhil to full PhD status.

The culmination of the PhD programme is submission of a dissertation (maximum length 80,000 words).

The dissertation is assessed by internal and external subject specialists in a Viva Voce (oral) examination.

The Requirements:
Applicants are normally expected to possess a masters degree in History or a related discipline. Candidates admitted without an MA are expected to follow the Warwick Historical Research Core module, Theory, Skill and Method in the first year of their doctoral study.

Students applying to the MPhil/ PhD programme should complete an application form, provide two letters of reference, and supply required transcripts of their qualifications.

As admission to the programme is dependent upon the department’s ability to offer expert supervision in the chosen field, candidates are strongly advised to make contact with a potential supervisor or supervisors before filling in the application. A list of staff members and their research interests can be found at history

The department has high expectations of you as a writer ( as well as a researcher), and consider that one of the factors in the successful submission rate of research theses in the Department, is that we encourage and expect students to start writing very early in their programme of study.

There are a number of requirements to fulfil in a programme of study for a MPhil/PhD ...

For more information about applying and potential funding please see our Prospective Student pages