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Work in Progress 2020-2021

2nd November Louise Morgan Clean Eating in Twenty-First Century Britain
16th November Samir Hamdoud Medical Science and the Discovery of the 'Mentally Deficient' Child in Victorian and Edwardian England
23rd November Dave Steele Revisiting Nineteenth-Century Reform Crowds and the 'Emotional Turn'
30th November Imogen Knox Sharp Objects, Self-harm, and the Supernatural in Early Modern Britain
7th December Hannah Straw

Rumours, Lies, and Syphilitic Madness: The Relationship Between Scandal and Truth in the Early Modern Period

11th January David Fletcher Quakers in Costume: Representations of Quakers in English Drama, 1700-1720
18th January Ed Devane Anger with Austerity: The NHS Health Centre
25th January Guest speakers Special Session: Completing the PhD with Faby Creed and Joe Chick
1st February Josh Patel What is higher education for? Imagining the role of the student in society in British higher education policy and pedagogy, 1957-1972
8th February Sarah Boote Powell Conceptualising Corruption in Local Politics in The Age of Reform, 1826-41
22nd February Sofia Guthrie The early modern Latin epic as a historical source
1st March Niels Boender Reabsorption, Resettlement and Exile: Ending the Kenya Emergency, 1956-9
8th March Valentina Tomasetti

My Most Precious Possession: Female Honour in Venetian Tribunals (XVI-XVII Century)

15th March Nicolas Gomez Baeza Gringos Duros: Transnational British managements of labour disciplines in sheep farming industry (Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, 1837–1950 c.)
26th April Maria Reyes Baztan A white colony in the West? Race, identity and anticolonialism in Basque radical nationalism (1892-1936)
17th May Qiuyang Chen Staging political performance: arbitration and penalisation in southeast China in the 1980s
24th May   PG Conference WeekLink opens in a new window