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Student Voice Ambassadors

Undergraduate Student Voice Ambassadors are appointed at the start of each academic year to represent the SSLC on departmental committees. They work closely with academic staff in the History Department as well as with the Students’ Union Academic Representation team. Students can contact the Ambassadors with feedback, issues or concerns that they wish to bring to the department’s attention.

The History Undergraduate Student Voice Ambassadors for 2023-24 are:


Student Voice Ambassadors:

  • Work with any elected Course Reps to lead SSLC Meetings for all History undergraduate students
  • Sit on one of three Departmental Committees:
    • Education Committee (covers all aspects of Learning and Teaching in the department, including new modules, module allocation, assessment, and curricula)
    • Social Inclusion and Diversity Committee (covers all matters of EDI in the department, with a particular focus on decolonising the curriculum, closing the awarding gap, and widening participation)
    • Learning Community Working Group (strategises on ways to build community amongst students and staff in the department, including planning events, social activities, and extracurricular opportunities for students)
  • Work closely with the Department's Student Voice Lead to devise strategies to collect student feedback and to inform students of actions taken as a result of feedback.
  • Liaise with the Students' Union regarding SSLC business and academic representation