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Warwick History Videos

The decline of videos and the advent of online media have regrettably led the Department of History to discontinue the Warwick History Videos series. Please note that none of the titles are available, and new copies are no longer being produced.


A lesson of History is that history lessons must change with the times. Warwick History Videos are an attempt to respond to our increasingly 'visual' culture; the need to see and experience, rather than simply to read about the past from afar.

Warwick History Videos deal with major topics in English, European and American history from around 1500, scripted and presented by expert scholars of the History Department of the University of Warwick, and filmed on location in England and abroad.

The Series is primarily intended for use by schools and colleges in A level and undergraduate course, and uses a wide variety of contemporary visual materials, including rare archive film. The videos are of 30 minutes duration (The Second World War is a double tape at 60 minutes) and are accompanied by Teachers' Notes, including selected bibliographies.

The Warwick History Videos Series


1. The Dissolution of the Monastries
2. The Struggle for the Mediterranean in the 16th Century
3. The English Civil War
4. The Revolution of 1688
5. American Independance 1776
6. The French Revolution
7. Bismark: The Unification of Germany
8. The Unification of Italy
9. The Scramble for Africa

10. The Decline of Tsarism
11. The Outbreak of the First World War
12. The South African War 1899-1902
13. Mussolini and Italian Fascism
14. The Nazi Seizure of Power
15. Stalin: Terror and Transformation
16. The Second World War
17. Mahatma Gandhi