Please read our student and staff community guidance on COVID-19
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The Language Centre

29th April 2020 - updated message

Language Centre assessments will only apply to honours level and visiting students, (not first year students) unless a degree course decides in advance that they wish to exclude language optional modules from the degree calculations.

The Language Centre cannot advise on any aspect of the ‘no-detriment’ or ‘safety net’ policy, as we only know what is published by the university:

Marks will be supplied, as normal, to a student’s home department; any further calculations are done by a student’s home department.

Students who are taking a language module as a supplementary (paid, not-for-credit) module will also be able to take the revised online assessments (during weeks 3/4), as per below).

Online assessments (reading/writing) for Language Centre modules will be released during week 3 of term 3 (different days for different languages during the week commencing 4 May 2020). Orals will be released on similar days during week 4 (11th May 2020). Moodle will be used (not the university AEP portal).

These weeks corresponds to the original Language Centre exam timetable, pre Covid-19. If a student is ill during this period, they should submit mitigating circumstances in the normal way.

The assignment links for each assessment on Moodle will become available at a specific day at 9am (UK time) and will stay open for 24 hours, until 9am the following day, for you to access and upload your work.

You can take as short or as long a time as you like to complete your assessment, within the 24-hour window; and you must upload your assessment together with all the necessary files (as per module instructions in Moodle) before the link closes.

If you are unable for any reason (e.g. illness) to do an oral at the scheduled time, it can be rescheduled without having to wait until September.

For adjustments see the university guidance, while noting that extra time does not apply in a 24-hour situation: further guidance on reasonable adjustments

The main difference from ‘normal’ is that:

  1. there will not be a separate reading and writing paper
  2. in the oral you will upload a ‘long turn’ (monologue) and answer some questions, but it will not involve ‘live’ interaction.

There are minor variations between languages, but more precise details will be posted on the Moodle page for your module on 22nd April.

It is important that you read the specific module instructions carefully. A signed ‘declaration and statement of ownership’ will be needed for each of the reading/writing and oral to maintain academic integrity. (an upload of the declaration with your name and ID number will substitute for an actual signature) The declaration will be made available under the appropriate assignment link in Moodle.

An invigilator will be present, and should you have any questions, please use the Forum link (under Term 3) and the invigilator/tutor will reply to questions during the first three hours and the last two hours of the 24-hour period. The Forum link (or email, if specified by the particular module instructions on Moodle) will be checked for queries occasionally outside these times.

Online Assessment Timetable

Regarding component weightings for each Language Centre module, we are considering revising these, but are waiting for approval from the university. We will therefore answer questions about this when we are able.

The Language Centre

We provide language learning opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students, University staff, and members of the public. There are several ways you can learn languages with us. You can take a language as part of your degree or as an extra course to study independently.

For more information on the programmes offered at the Language Centre, please see our digital leaflet here.