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Chinese Enrolment

Enrolling to a Chinese module

Please follow the steps below to enroll in one of the academic modules for credit or not.

1. Fill in the pre-enrollment form in the link: (Everybody must do it in order for their names to be recorded in the database.) 

2. One of Chinese teachers will contact you by email asap within three working days.

3. You will receive an email informing you

to take the diagnostic test (see the info. on the right) only if you are not a beginner and have not learned Chinese in the Language Centre before. Your tutor will let you know the PIN to access the test.


to join a Microsoft team if you need an interview with one of the Chinese teachers if this is the case. Choose a time for your interview in Microsoft teams 


which module you have been allocated to (then to take Step 5 below)

4. Update your module registration (MRM or eMR) after you have been allocated to a module code by a Chinese teacher only if you are taking it as 24 or 30 CATS module.

Three types of Chinese modules

(1) for students who are taking Chinese as part of their degree course (Chinese for LDS - e.g. BA Modern Languages, PAIS with Chinese, etc). Please contact for one of the following modules.

(2) for students who are interested in taking Chinese as an optional module

We have the following academic modules:

(3) for students who are interested in taking Chinese for pleasure

You can take Chinese Beginners course (LL172Link opens in a new window) or Post Beginners course (LL173Link opens in a new window), and please go to LLL enrollment pageLink opens in a new window. For other levels, please see (2) above.

Chinese Diagnostic Test

The diagnostic test has three sections:  

  • Grammar test is a multiple-choice format. You need to choose the best answer to the question.
  • Reading test has one passage followed by some questions, for which you type in Chinese characters or answer in English.
  • Writing test has some points for you to cover in your writing. You will need to hand-write pieces of short composition on paper and scan/take photos and upload them. Please write down your university ID on the paper and name the file with your university ID before uploading it.

Do not need to take the diagnostic test if

  • you have learned Chinese at the LC before, please contact your class teacher to sign in a new class.
  • you have never learned Chinese before, please contact