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Spanish for Business 2 (LL223)



Advanced (post A level or equivalent)

Main Objectives:

This module provides second year language core work focussing on business and international affairs and preparing students specifically for their work/study placement abroad.


30 CREDITS, also available as a 24 CREDITS.


Our aim, Covid-19 arrangements permitting, is One weekly blended session for 21 weeks, organised as:

- One-hour online synchronous plenary (full group)

- One-hour face-to-face on alternate weeks (small group)

- One-hour asynchronous tutor-guided study

Some independent study will also be set.

NB: teaching will move fully online in case of new health & safety restrictions.

Students are reminded that 1 credit = 10 hours of study, therefore for a 30 credit module, the minimum expected amount of study is 300 hours, which averages over 10 hours per week. A substantial amount of independent study is therefore required. Students can make use of Moodle to facilitate this.


Term 1 - one reading/writing test

Term 2 - one speaking test

Term 3 - one reading/writing test

Tutor: Susana Jackson-Houlston

Course Text-Book (must be bought by student):

Dossier of texts and articles from newspapers, journals and web-based material (provided by tutor)

Grammar book: Gramática de Uso del Español, Teoría y Práctica, B1-B2. Luis Aragonés, Ramón Palencia. SM

Additional material:

Supplementary material (provided by tutor) will include articles, audiovisual material and other authentic resources which will be available on the Moodle webpage of the module.


  • Recursos Humanos
  • Expatriación
  • Negociación
  • Finanzas
  • Creación de una empresa
  • Producción
  • Comercio Internacional
  • Mercado Latinoamericano
  • Responsabilidad Social de la empresa
  • Ética empresarial
  • Cartas de presentación y CV
  • Cartas de reclamación
  • Preparación de Informes

Communicative skills

  • Construcciones pasivas e impersonales
  • Los verbos de cambio
  • Los usos del subjuntivo. Contraste indicativo/subjuntivo
  • Organizadores del discurso (I) introductores (II) Causas y consecuencias
  • Las oraciones de relativo
  • Las oraciones condicionales
  • Perífrasis verbales
  • Estilo directo e indirecto

Course Description

Students will be enabled to participate fully in work, study and social contexts in Spanish-speaking countries. This practically orientated module will build on the first year module enabling students to read and analyse texts of various registers, including financial and statistical data.

The learning objectives are:

  • to enable students to communicate effectively at an advanced level in predictable and unpredictable situations likely to be met in work or study situations in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • to help students improve accuracy of grammar and syntax and to familiarise them with essential reading techniques that will support further independent study of the written language.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, students should be able to:

  • Interact on a wide range of topics with a high level of language proficiency in Spanish.
  • Identify, synthesise and present complex arguments and points of view effectively in Spanish
  • Use a wide variety of business-related terminology, complex grammatical and syntactical structures in Spanish
  • Read and understand a variety of complex articles and business-related texts
  • Demonstrate a higher degree of intercultural awareness such as the economic, social and business in the Spanish-speaking world.