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PGECR Workshop with IAS Visiting Fellow, Professor Lisa Surwillo: Atlantic Encounters. Concepts, Strategies, Resistance

Tuesday 2nd December 2014, 2-5pm, IAS Seminar Room (Millburn House)

Warwick PG and ECR colleagues whose research interests abut the ‘oceanic turn’ in humanistic studies (e.g. Empire, Hispanism, Globalization, Caribbean Studies, Literature, New Imperial History) are warmly invited to join IAS Visiting Fellow, Professor Lisa Surwillo (Iberian and Latin American Studies, Stanford) for an afternoon of discussion and conversation.


The workshop aims to gauge the viability of Atlantic Studies as an interdisciplinary framework for studying the global C19 and beyond, asking how it reached its current point, where we can go with it, and at what price. The Hispanic Atlantic will serve as a point of departure but we will examine intersections with frames such as Gilroy’s Black Atlantic, new Caribbean Studies, the concerns of a post-1945 Anglo-American world, and ‘other’ oceans. Participants are invited to consider the selected readings, their possibilities and limitations in the light of their own research programme and come prepared to join in an informal, guided discussion. Refreshments will be provided.


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