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Flair Donglai Shi

Dr Flair Donglai ShiAssociate Tutor

Email: donglai dot shi at queens dot ox dot ac dot uk

donglai dot shi at warwick dot ac dot uk

Postal address: The Queen’s College, High Street, Oxford OX1 4AW

About (as of late 2021)

Flair Donglai SHI (施東來) is Associate Tutor in Translation Studies (Chinese and English) (2018-the present). Flair holds a PhD in English (Comparative Literature) from Oxford University. Apart from academic works, Flair has also worked for the Oxford China Forum, Oxford Prospects and Global Development Centre, and Oxford Chinese Studies Society, organising and translating for honourable writers and cultural figures including Mo Yan, Xu Bing, Jin Xing, etc. He also contributes cultural commentary in both English and Chinese on popular media platforms such as Wenxuebao (文學報), positions:episteme etc.

Research Interests

Flair’s current monograph project is entitled “Yellow Peril Revisited: Mutations, Reactions, and Reincarnations”, which investigates the racist concept of “the Yellow Peril” as a traveling discourse in contexts as diverse as early 20th century England, Apartheid South Africa and post-Mao China and the wider Sinophone world. It aims to revise the dominant paradigms in Postcolonial Studies and Sinophone Studies by highlighting the shifting agency activated by literary as well as visual appropriations. His other research interests include Alice in Wonderland and China, theories of World Literature, modern Chinese and Taiwanese literature in translation, as well as China-Africa relations in the cultural domain.

Teaching Experience

(2018-the present) University of Warwick, Associate Tutor in Translation Studies:

  • Chinese-English Translation Portfolio Supervision (MA in Translation and Cultures)
  • MA Thesis Supervision (MA in Translation and Cultures, focus on English translations of classical Chinese poetry)

(2017-2021) University of Oxford, Departmental and College Tutor

  • Chinese British History through Literature and Film (Exeter College Summer Program, self-designed syllabus here)
  • An Introduction to the Comparative Study of Modern Chinese Literatures (Hertford College, self-designed syllabus here)
  • MA Theses Co-supervision (MSt in Comparative Literature and Critical Translation, focus on comparative queer studies and the translation of philosophical concepts in Republican China)
  • BA Thesis Co-supervision (BA in English, focus on Singaporean theatre)
  • Dimensions of Leadership, Academic and Translation Assistance (Lady Margaret Hall with Xi’an Jiaotong University)
  • Chinese Language Tutorials (The Queen’s College).

Key Publications

Shi, Flair Donglai. 'Out of the Yellow/Black Peril Discourse: Humanizing China-Africa Relations in Mukuka Chipanta’s A Casualty of Power’, Comparative Literature Studies, Vol. 58, no. 3 (2021, Special Issue on Global South Studies edited by Anne Garland Mahler and Magalí Armillas-Tiseyra): 623-646. (US, peer reviewed, A&HCI)

Shi, Flair Donglai. ‘Reconsidering Sinophone Studies: The Chinese Cold War, Multiple Sinocentrisms, and Theoretical Generalisation’, International Journal of Taiwan Studies, Vol. 4, no. 2 (2021): 311-344. (UK/Taiwan/The Netherlands, peer reviewed, ESCI)

Shi, Flair Donglai. ‘Reborn Translated: Xiaolu Guo as a World Author’, Kritika Kultura, no. 36 (2021): 166-194. (The Philippines, peer reviewed, A&HCI)

Shi, Flair Donglai. ‘Translating the Translational: A Comparative Study of the Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese Translations of Xiaolu Guo’s A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers’, Translation and Literature, Vol. 30, no. 1 (2021): 1-29. (UK, peer reviewed, A&HCI)

Shi, Flair Donglai. ‘Literary Resonances against Ideological Echo Chambers: Wu Zhuoliu’s Orphan of Asia and the Necessity of World Literature’, Canadian Review of Comparative Literature, Vol. 47, no. 4 (2020, Special Issue on the Cultural Resonance and the Echo Chamber of Reading edited by Shuangyi Li): 552-571. (Canada, invited by editor and peer reviewed, ESCI)

Shi, Flair Donglai. ‘Sinophobia Will Never be the Same after COVID-19’, Made in China Journal, Vol. 5, Issue. II (2020): 176-183 and 307-311. (Australia, invited by editor and peer reviewed, Open Access)

Shi, Flair Donglai and Tan, Gareth Guangming. (eds.) (2020) World Literature in Motion: Institution, Recognition, Location. Stuttgart and New York: Ibidem, with Columbia University Press, 532 pages; containing two single-authored chapters “Introduction: A Manifesto for Critical World Literature Studies.” (13-42) and “The Failure of the Man Asian Literary Prize and the Politics of Recognition.” (255-285) (Germany/US, series editors double reviewed)

Shi, Flair Donglai. (2019) “The Yellow Peril as a Travelling Discourse: A Comparative Study of Wang Lixiong’s China Tidal Wave.” Comparative Critical Studies, 16(1), 7-30. (UK, double peer reviewed, A&HCI)

Shi, Flair Donglai. (2018) (in Chinese) “The Translational Strategies of Legend of the Condor Heroes (《射雕英雄傳》英譯本的翻譯策略)”, Wenxuebao (文學報), special online long feature. (China, solicited by editor)

Shi, Flair Donglai. (2017) “Coming out of History and Coming Home: Homosexual Identification in Pai Hisen-yung’s Crystal Boys.” Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews, 39, 135-152. (US, double peer reviewed, MLA Index)

Shi, Flair Donglai. (2016) “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as an Anti-Feminist Text: Historical, Psychoanalytical, and Postcolonial Perspectives.” Women: A Cultural Review, 27(2), 177-201. (UK, double peer reviewed, ESCI)

Shi, Flair Donglai. (2016) “Post-Mao Chinese Literature as World Literature: Struggling with the Systematic and the Allegorical.” Comparative Literature & World Literature, 1(1), 20-34. (China/US, double peer reviewed, inaugural issue)

Critical Book Review Essays:

• ‘Book Review for David Der-wei Wang (ed.), A New Literary History of Modern China (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2017)', China Review International, Vol. 24, Issue. 1 (2017): 60-67.

• (with Min Hui Yeo) ‘Book Review for Hee Wai Siam (許維賢), Post-Malaysian Chinese-language Film: Accented Style, Sinophone and Auteur Theory 華語電影在後馬來西亞:土腔風格、華夷風與作者論 (Taipei: Lianjin, 2018)', East Asian Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 4, Issue. 2 (2018): 165-170. (solicited by author)

• ‘Book Review for Svend Erik Larsen, Literature and the Experience of Globalisation: Texts without Borders (London: Bloomsbury, 2017)', Journal of Postcolonial Writing, Vol. 54, Issue. 5 (2018): 718-719. (invited by editor)

• ‘Book Review for Sarah Brouillette, Literature and the Creative Economy (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2014)', Oxford Research in English, Issue. 6 (2018): 73-77.

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