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Laura Mantovani

Laura MantovaniItalian (Teaching Fellow)

The Language Centre
Email: L dot Mantovani at warwick dot ac dot uk

Room FAB 4.19, Faculty of Arts Building

6 University Rd, Coventry CV4 7EQ


I was born and educated in Italy.

When I came to England I attended a Language module organised by the Language Centre and I was mesmerised by the techniques used by my tutor to allow his students to communicate in the target language no matter how little language they had learned at that point. This inspired me and made me want to learn how to teach languages in such a fun and practical way. So in 2006 I completed the Open Studies Certificate in Teaching Foreign Languages at the Language Centre, University of Warwick, and I immediately started teaching at the University of Warwick.

I have taught Italian and French modules across a wide range of levels in the Lifelong Language Learning (LLL) programme, Italian for business and Italian at various levels in the academic programmes.

I am module leader for Beginners Accelerated and Intermediate Accelerated, and coordinator for LLL Italian.

My personal interests include learning languages: I am a native Italian speaker, I speak English and French fluently, I have taken courses of German and Spanish and I would love to improve my very basic knowledge of Japanese.

I have a special interest in words and their meaning and I believe that languages are not just a way to communicate with other people, but also a way of understanding other people’s culture. I try to always integrate culture in my language sessions.

I am passionate about providing effective, meaningful ways to teach my students, and about engaging them in a pleasant learning experience so that they can become confident learners and be autonomous in their learning also outside the classroom.




My advice and feedback hours are: Tuesday 13:00-14:00 on Teams.

Please email me for an appointment.