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Natalya Moore

Natasha MooreRussian (Language tutor)

The Language Centre
Email: N dot Moore at warwick dot ac dot uk
BA, MA, cert. TESOL, MSU (Teaching and Testing RFL)

Natalya is a professional language teacher who has taught for many years in Higher Education, first teaching EFL then RFL.
She started her career at the University of Warwick in1998, first covering for then existing tutor and then appointed as a Russian tutor on a permanent contract (2001). In total her working years equals 19 years in the Language Centre.
She has been involved in designing teaching materials, writing assessments, designing modules and online resources and developing Russian language curriculums. During her years of work the Russian academic modules have expanded, developed and improved.
Natalya is particularly interested in the Russian language as a teaching subject and takes every opportunity in staff development in language teaching and methods both internally and externally.