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New Journal: Feminist Translation Studies

For more information, please visit the journal's website:

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General Editors
Olga Castro – University of Warwick, Great Britain
María Laura Spoturno – Universidad Nacional de La Plata/CONICET, Argentina

Assistant Editor
Vasiliki Misiou – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Review Editor
Luciana Carvalho Fonseca – University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

To be published by Taylor & Francis (first issue: 2024)

Aims and Scope

We are pleased to announce the new peer-reviewed international journal Feminist Translation Studies, to be published by Taylor and Francis in 2024. The journal will have two issues per year.

In recent years, there has been a remarkable surge in the generation of research and academic work focused on the intersection of translation/interpreting and women, gender, feminisms and queer studies. This growth has been particularly notable in the fields of translation studies and feminist studies, reflecting an increasing scholarly interest in exploring the intricate connections between them. Indeed, we are witnessing a historical moment of extraordinary geopolitical, epistemological and inter/disciplinary expansion in feminist translation/interpreting studies. In terms of geopolitical growth, research is being carried out and published in a greater number of languages, by scholars worldwide who discuss topics and case studies contextualised in a greater number of political, social and cultural spaces. A greater number of subdisciplines within translation and interpreting studies -including audiovisual translation, legal translation, translator’s training, translation and publishing, literary translation, translation and technology or translation history among others- are now focusing on gender and the intersectional aspects involved in every act of translation. Interdisciplinary expansion is demonstrated in the interconnections between feminist translation/interpreting studies and other research areas such as race studies, decolonial studies, ecocriticism, queer studies or disability studies.

Feminist Translation Studies intends to become a reference point for scholars working in this very dynamic and now quite established field. The journal seeks to provide an interdisciplinary and transnational forum for critical analysis and constructive debate about a variety of timely and pressing issues, with the following key objectives:

  • to advance intersectional feminist perspectives, including queer, within the disciplines of translation/interpreting studies, particularly concerning the study of theoretical, practical and pedagogic approaches to the trans-linguistic/ textual/ cultural/ medial activity of translation.
  • to facilitate discussions about the social, political and ethical role of translation and translators as enablers of (transnational) feminisms, global connectivities and activisms, namely with the study of feminist cross-border alliances and transnational networks in different geopolitical spaces and linguistic communities.
  • to further promote the geopolitical growth of feminist translation/interpreting studies, showcasing the diverse range of interests and pursuits within this field and addressing activism within, between and beyond the so-called Global North and Global South.
  • to further develop the epistemological expansion of this area of research, encouraging discussions on emerging topics, new transdisciplinary methodologies and truly interdisciplinary encounters with other areas of knowledge.

Overall, Feminist Translation Studies aims to host the diversity of feminisms and the varied emerging and established subdisciplines in translation/interpreting studies. We welcome submissions in all areas of research relevant to the field.

Call for Papers for Inaugural Issue (2024)

Submission instructions and deadlines 

Articles will be 6,000–7,000 words in length (including tables, endnotes, figures or table captions and references). For the Reference Style Guide, visit the Taylor & Francis website here).

Please visit also the Preparing your Paper section on the Taylor & Francis website.

All submissions will be in English. Spelling can be British English or US-American English, so long as usage is consistent.

All articles must be written with the following elements in the following order:

  • Title page
  • Abstract of 200-300 words
  • Funding details, if appropriate.
  • Author details (affiliation, email, ORCiD, social media handle). For co-authored articles, one author must be identified as the corresponding author.
  • Biographical note (max 200 words)
  • Keywords (max 5 words)
  • Main text and references
  • Appendices, if appropriate.
  • Figures, graphs and/or tables, if appropriate.
  • The use of copyrighted images, if employed, must be accompanied by due permission, which will be ensured by the author/s.


Deadline for submission of outputs to be considered for the first issue: 30 November 2023 (but please submit as soon as your manuscript is ready)

Manuscripts will be subject to initial appraisal by the editors. If found suitable for further consideration, it will then be single blind peer reviewed by independent, anonymous expert referees, each delivering one report.

Expected publication date of first issue: June 2024

 It is expected the journal webpage will be available in the next few months. As soon as your article is ready, please email us at FeministTranslationStudies[at] and we will provide precise guidelines about the process for submitting your article and the peer-review process.