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Career opportunities

As a graduate from Warwick's School of Modern Languages and Cultures you will be highly employable. You will be able to write and speak in one or more languages to a high level, and have a deep understanding of the history, culture and society of your chosen area. Combined with experiences from your year abroad, and transferable skills developed during your course, a Modern Languages degree will set you up for a bright future.

French Studies

Warwick's French graduates have one of the best employment rates in the UK. Our graduates have the linguistic skills employers seek, intercultural awareness and adaptability gained on their year abroad, as well as transferable skills such as information retrieval, presentation (oral and written) and critical analysis. This versatility enables our graduates to enter fields as diverse as the media, the United Nations, company management, publishing, teaching, translating, the civil service and law.

German Studies

When you graduate you will have acquired a very high level of expertise in written and spoken German, as well as an in-depth understanding of German culture and society. When you leave, you're likely to be among the most employable graduates in your year. In recent years our graduates have taken up positions with prestigious firms and organisations such as KPMG, Deloitte, Accenture, ESSO, the BBC, Deutsche Welle and SAP.

Hispanic Studies

Spanish is a world language with around 400 million speakers, and is one of the most important languages for business and cultural exchange. Portuguese has almost 200 million speakers and Brazil's growing global profile means it's now a great time to learn Portuguese. You will emerge from a Warwick degree in Hispanic Studies as a highly-employable linguist skilled in research, analysis, argument and presentation, together with experience of living and working, or studying, abroad.

Italian Studies

In all our degree programmes, we place a strong premium on developing skills which will serve you beyond your studies. We encourage, support and foster development of critical and lateral thinking, analytical and communication skills, in both English and Italian – the skills which make Warwick's Italian graduates attractive to employers. This has ensured our excellent record of graduate employment. In recent years, students have started businesses in Italy, gone into journalism, marketing, accountancy, management, teaching and social work, or taken up postgraduate study in the UK and US.

Warwick is ranked 7th in UK universities targeted by the largest number of the UK's top employers in 2013–2014 (The Graduate Market in 2014).