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Introduction and France under German Occupation

This week's lecture will give an overview of the material and themes that we will be discussing this term, before introducing France under German Occupation in the 1940s. Lecture handouts will be available , and I will distribute the sourcebooks for use in the seminars. Additional material for the week one seminar will be provided during the lecture itself.

Please follow the links for the other weeks of the module to find out more: these will introduce some of the key questions and debates, direct you to useful reading for the seminars, and explain the structure of the seminars themselves. A much wider range of recommended reading is available in the module bibliography, which will help you to pursue the themes we have discussed and to research your essay for this term. Some of the weekly webpages also have a 'further reading' section: this offers some additional reflections on the topic and some advice on how to pursue it in more detail. This is an optional activity, which you may find useful when preparing for your essay and revising the module, or if one of the topics particularly interests you and you want to find out more.