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Modern French Language II

Module Code: FR201
Module Name: Modern French Language II
Module Coordinator: Ariane Demeure
Timetable by Group
Module Credits: 30

Module Description

The aims and objectives of this module are to consolidate and develop the productive and receptive language skills you acquired in the First Year. The module is divided accordingly into Writing French, Written Translation, Grammar, and Oral classes in modern French, and is designed to enable you to perform a number of specific language tasks by the end of the year: for the Writing French class, to acquire the vocabulary, syntactical and grammatical structures to produce written French in two prescribed genres and based on particular topics; for the Written Translation class, to develop skills in translation to and from French, with focus on specific translation problems, and to develop your accuracy in the use of selected grammatical structures; and for Oral classes, to comprehend and produce structured spoken French on a range of topics of contemporary significance as covered in the Writing French class, on current affairs, and in the context of simulated practical scenarios.

Assessment Method: 100 % exam

1. Writing paper (2 hours) : 30%

2. Translation paper (2h): 30%

3. 2 Online tests: Grammar component 20% ( 2x 60mn test worth 10%) ; one listening comprehension test (5%)

3. Oral examination (15mn) : 15%