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FR233 Bibliography

Bestsellers of the 19th century

Suggested reading list 2012-13

General works: Romanticism

  • Chase, C., Romanticism (1993)

(Good introduction to general issues)

  • Cruickshank, J. (ed), French Literature and its Background, vol 4 (1969)

(General introduction to early 19th century)

  • Fairlie, A., Imagination and Language (1981)

(On Flaubert)

  • Farrant, Tim, Introduction to nineteenth-century French literature (2006)

(A good, recent overview)

  • Lasserre, Pierre, Le Romantisme français : essai sur la Révolution dans les sentiments et dans les idées au XIXe siècle (Geneva: Slatkine, 2000)

(On Romanticism)

  • Milner, M., Le Romantisme 1820-1843 (1973)

(Context and thematic guide to the period + Sand)

  • Monglond, A., Le Préromantisme (1966)

(Standard work of reference)

  • Nurse, P. The Art of Criticism: Essays in Literary Analysis (1969)

(Good for honing commentary techniques and contains a chapter on Flaubert)

  • Pasco, A. H., Sick Heroes: French Society and Literature in the Romantic Age (1997)

(Romantic hero as cultural reality)

  • Peyre, H., Qu'est-ce que le romantisme? (1971)

(General overview of the whole period)

  • Pichois, C., Le Romantisme 1843-1869 (1979)

(Context and thematic guide)

  • Le Romantisme: Encyclopédie par l'image

(Old-fashioned but general overview of French Romanticism)

  • Roy-Reverzy, E. Le roman au XIXe siecle (1998)

(Good introduction to general development of the novel)

  • Unwin, T. (ed), The Cambridge Companion to the French Novel from 1800 to the Present (1997)

(Includes a chapter on the representation of reality and one on women in the 19th century)

(The place to start for web material: links and resources page run by Professor Tim Unwin)


General works: Realism and Naturalism

  • Auerbach, E., Mimésis: La Représentation de la réalité dans la littérature occidentale (Gallimard, 1946)

(remains the standard work of reference)

  • Baguley, David, Naturalist Fiction: The Entropic Vision (CUP, 1990)
  • Baguley, David, Napoleon III and his Regime: An Extravaganda (2000)
  • Becker, Colette, Lire le réalisme et le naturalisme, [Paris] : Nathan, 2000

(excellent introductory guide)

  • Bornecque, J. H., Réalisme & naturalisme, (Hachette, 1958)
  • Cooper, Barbara T. and Mary Donaldson-Evans (eds), Moving Forward, Holding Fast: The Dynamics of Nineteenth-Century French Culture (1997)
  • Lukács, G. Studies in European Realism (1950)
  • Magraw, Roger, France 1815-1914: The Bourgeois Century (Oxford 1983)
  • Prendergast, C., Order of Mimesis (1986)

(Essential reading)

  • Barbéris, D., Chateaubriand: Des repères pour situer l'auteur et ses écrits (1994)

(Primarily biographical)

  • Barbéris, P., René de Chateaubriand (1973)

(Modern theoretical approach to the text)

  • Ghislain de Diesbach, Chateaubriand (1998)

(Biography of author)

  • Izenberg, G. N., Impossible Individuality: Romanticism, Revolution and the Origins of Modern Selfhood (1992)

(Includes Chateaubriand)

  • Ridge, G., The Hero in French Romantic Literature (1959)

(René and Baudelaire)

  • Roulin, J.-M., Chateaubriand: L'Exil et la gloire: du roman familial à l'identité littéraire (1994)

(Places René in context)

  • Smethurst, C., Chateaubriand: Atala et René (1955)

Essential reading

  • Dayan, Peter, ‘Who is the narrator in Indiana?, French Studies, 52 (1998), pp. 152-61. [full electronic version available through the Warwick library catalogue or on campus click here to access the article directly]
  • Godwin-Jones, R., Romantic Vision: The Novels of George Sand (1995)

(Includes a chapter on Indiana)

  • Harkness, N., ‘Writing under the sign of difference: The Conclusion of Indiana’, Forum for Modern Language Studies 1997 (33), pp. 115-28 [full electronic version available through the Warwick library catalogue or if you are on campus click here to access the article directly]

(Considers the end of the novel in relation to gender and the narrative perspective [in SLC])

  • Hiddleston, Janet, Indiana; Mauprat (2000)

(indispensable study guide)

  • Jack, B., George Sand: A Woman's Life writ large (1999)

(Biography which includes a small section on Indiana)

  • Massardier-Kenney, F., ‘Indiana: Lieux et personnages féminins’, Nineteenth-Century French Studies 1990 (19), pp. 65-71

(About how Indiana finds freedom outside the house and is restricted inside [follow this link to the course extracts page])

  • Schor, Naomi, George Sand and Idealism (1993)
  • Brombert, Viktor, The Novels of Flaubert: A Study of Themes and Techniques (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1966)

(A good chapter on Madame Bovary entitled 'The Tragedy of Dreams'. SLC and short loan.)

  • Fairlie, Alison, Flaubert: Madame Bovary (London: Arnold, 1962)

(A good general study of the novel and in the SLC)

  • Heath, Stephen, Gustave Flaubert: Madame Bovary (Cambridge: CUP, 1992)

(Also a good general study of the novel and in the SLC)

  • Raitt, A., The Originality of Madame Bovary (Oxford: Lang, 2002)
  • Sherrington, R.J., Three Novels by Flaubert: A Study of Techniques (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1970)

(Good on Flaubert's style and use of description. Short loan.)

  • Starkie, Enid, Flaubert: The Making of The Master (London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1967)

(One example of the large number of biographical books on Flaubert. Also includes a chapter on themes and characterisation in Madame Bovary.)

  • Unwin, Tim (ed), The Cambridge Companion to Flaubert (2004)

(Essential starting point for recent critical approaches to the author)


  • Sophie Guermès La religion de Zola : naturalisme et déchristianisation (Paris: Champion, 2003)
  • Haavik, Kristof Haakon, In Mortal Combat: The Conflict of Life and Death in Zola’s Rougon-Macquart (2000)
  • Hemmings, F. W. J., Emile Zola (Oxford: Clarendon, 1966)

(general biography)

  • Kanes, Martin, Zola's La bête humaine : A Study in Literary Creation, (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1962)
  • Nelson, Brian, 'Blood on the Tracks: The Uses of Space in Zola's La Bête humaine', Australian Journal of French Studies, 43, no. 1 (2006 Jan-Apr): pp. 13-18
  • Nelson, Brian (ed), The Cambridge Companion to Zola (2007)

(Essential starting point for recent critical approaches to the author)

  • Mitterand, Henri, Emile Zola: Fiction and Modernity, ed. by David Baguley (London: The Emile Zola Society, 2000)
  • Scott, J. W. ‘Réalisme et réalité dans La Bête humaine’, Revue d’histoire littéraire de la France 63 (1963)
  • Wilson, A. Emile Zola (London, Secker & Warburg, 1964)