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FR251 Assessed Essay Titles


You may, If you wish, discuss the same text/thinker in a summative assignment as you have discussed in a piece of formative assignment, but you must not reproduce in part or whole any of your formative assignment in your summative assignment.

One assessed essay (of 2,000-2,500 OR 4,000-4,500 words in length, in English) is required for this module. Choose one of the titles below.

1. ‘One of the major errors of the politicians of the Fourth Republic was not to set up different relations overseas.’ Discuss in relation to France’s colonies.

2. ‘France’s attitude towards Europe since 1945 has always been one of pure self-interest.’ Discuss

3. ‘Since 1958, France’s relations with the rest of the world have been essentially Gaullist.’ Discuss.

4. To what extent did Pompidou and/or Giscard d’Estaing pursue a different foreign policy from de Gaulle?

5. To what extent can foreign relations in the Mitterrand era be described as ‘socialist’?

6. Have France’s relations with the rest of the world since 1995 been purely pragmatic?




You should note that in the examination for this module, you will not be permitted to answer a question relating to material on which you have submitted an assessed essay.

Departmental essay-writing conventions