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Literatures of the Great War

Module Code: FR326
Module Name: Literatures of the Great War
Module Credits: 30

This module will introduce you to a range of literature in French and English from 1914–18 in relation to the socio-cultural contexts of wartime Britain and France. You will compare how the francophone and anglophone texts demonstrate similarities and differences in wartime experiences. You will consider motives, context and intertextual references expressed in the set texts and explore how the contemporary materials reinforce or refute modern myths surrounding the Great War.

Based round generic and broad thematic approaches to the materials, the module will provide you with insights into how the Great War was perceived by those who experienced it. Through the literature, you will identify and compare the anxieties and contradictions of changing individual and social needs and attitudes at home and at the forefront of battle, considering matters such as expressions and perceptions of gender and sexuality, and how political agendas shape public opinions, as well as how such matters differ between France and Britain. Primary texts will comprise poetry, fiction, letters, diaries and memoirs. Visual materials, such as posters, postcards, artworks and illustrated periodicals, and audio materials, such as songs, will be used to support discussion.

Assessment Method:

100% examination (3 questions / 3 hours)


50% / 50%: 2-hour examination + 1 x 4000-4500 word essay


100% summative essays: 2 x 4000-4500 word essays (1 covering material from each term)


Margaux Whiskin

Dr Margaux Whiskin 

Amanda Hopkins

Dr Amanda Hopkins

Module timeslot: 1–3pm on Fridays in H3.02

exceptionally in week 1 on Tuesday 3rd, 10-12 noon in H4.03

Module Moodle: webpages for students registered on the module