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FR422 Summative Essay Titles

For 4,000-4,500 word summative essays, you may either devise your own title (to be discussed and agreed with Philippe) or choose one of the following titles:

  1. Is the Mitterrand era best described as a failed socialist experiment?
  2. Why is the French trade union movement so different from the British trade union movement?
  3. What role has the far left played in French politics since 1968?
  4. Explain the apparent decline of the left-wing intellectual.
  5. ‘After the Hollande presidency and catastrophic elections in 2017, the PS is a thing of the past.’ Discuss.
  6. How should we characterise the Gilets jaunes? Are they left or right, ‘progressive’ or ‘reactionary’?
  7. ‘To thrive, the left in France needs an activist base and it needs periodic revolt.’ Discuss.
  8. Explain the success followed by the decline of the PCF.
  9. Explain how the issue of anti-imperialism shaped the left in France during the 1950s and 1960s.
  10. Account for the emergence and (relative) success of La France Insoumise.


You may, If you wish, discuss the same text/thinker in a summative assignment as you have discussed in a piece of formative assignment, but you must not reproduce in part or whole any of your formative assignment in your summative assignment.