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FR353 Napoleon: Lessons in Leadership

Module Code: FR353
Module Name: Napoleon: Lessons in Leadership
Module Coordinator: Professor Kate Astbury
Not Running 2019-20
Module Credits: 15

Module Description

Who hasn't heard of Napoleon? Who doesn't recognise his hat? But how can both Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron both be likened to him? And what might those comparisons mean? This module aims to introduce students to the key events and ideas of the First Empire through contemporary sources. A range of material will be used, from official declarations to political pamphlets to the plays of the period to allow you to understand Napoleon's achievements and controversies.

In addition, Napoleon’s reign will be used as a case study to examine leadership styles and potential derailers for leaders. Napoleon is frequently used as an example of high and low points in leadership and we will be comparing key concepts in leadership theory with Napoleon's career and achievements.

By the end of the module, students will have:
i) engaged critically with events and discourse 1799-1815
ii) developed greater insight into the evolution of the socio-political and cultural context in France 1789-1815
iii) developed their capacity to work with original source material in the target language and to examine and analyse such source material in a coherent and succinct manner.
iv) used Napoleon’s career to examine what lessons can be learnt for 21st-century leadershipr.

Assessment Method:


1 x 2000-2500 word essay and 1 x 1hr exam


1 x 10 minute oral presentation and 3500 word essay