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FR409 Formative Essay Titles

In addition to the summative assignment that you are REQUIRED to submit for this module, you have the OPTION to write a formative assignment from the list of questions given below. Please note that formative assignments are for training purposes only and do not count as part of your final degree classification. We strongly recommend that you submit a formative assignment as it will enable you to hone the skills developed in this module and to prepare for your summative assessment(s). Please choose from one of the following titles:

  1. Discuss the representation of sex, sexuality and relationships in Ce qu'aimer veut dire.
  2. Discuss the role of intertextual rewriting in Le Corps Lesbien
  3. What exactly is Dustan's Dans ma chambre trying to celebrate and why?
  4. To what extent can Despentes's Baise-moi be understood as a critique of pornography?
  5. ‘Je déciderai de rester ici, parce que c’est chez moi.’ (210) Discuss Adèle’s decision to stay put; draw on relevant secondary material in your response.