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GE 101: Modern German Language 1



There are two examinations in the summer term:

  1. Comprehension and Translation GE101 (2 hours plus 15 minutes reading time).45%
    This exam comprises Comprehension (questions and free writing in German on a German text) with Translation into German plus Translation into English - here a choice of two contrasting texts is offered.
  2. An oral examination (15 mins) 20%

Each of these exams must be passed in order to progress into the second year.

Click here to view past exam papers

  • Please note that the format of these examinations has changed in recent years - there were previously two written exams; from this year Translations from and into English appear on the same exam paper.

1. Writing assignment, in connection with the Media Project 5%

2. Mid-term Grammar test (second term) 5%

3. Translation - mean mark based on two best pieces submitted during the year, one from and one into German 5%

4. Media Project 20%