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Modern German Language 1

Module Code: GE101
Module Name: Modern German Language 1
Module Coordinator: Nora Michaelis
Timetable by Group
Module Credits: 30

Module Description

The module Modern German Language is taken by all students in Year 1. Over the year you will have four sessions in German language per week. These consist of (a) a weekly Translation class covering translation from and into German, and (b) a small language class working on Grammar. You will also have (c) one weekly Conversation and Comprehension class taught by our native-speaker LektorInnen and (d) one weekly Writing class which will introduce you to the German media, to different genres and writing styles and help you hone your own writing skills in German.

In addition, you will be expected to work through exercises in Hammer Grammar online, which will be demonstrated at the first Translation Class in Week 2. You are also encouraged to explore other online materials as directed by your tutors.

In the spring term you will work in pairs on a German language topic (Media project) under the supervision of your Writing class tutor.

Assessment Method:

You will take two examinations in the summer term:

GE101 Comprehension and Composition and Translation (combined exam; 2 hours + 15 mins reading time)

An oral examination (15 mins)

There will be summative assessment throughout the year:

One piece of writing (autumn term)

Media project (spring term)

Midterm grammar test (spring term)