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GE 101: Modern German Language 1

Translation Class


To develop translation skills from and into German, and in doing so broaden students' vocabulary and range of idiom, expression and awareness of various language structures and stylistic registers. German for Business students is included.

This class prepares students for the translation elements in the end-of-year language examination paper, worth 45% of the module assessment: GE101 includes translation into English (a choice of texts provided) and translation into German based on the comprehension text.

Translation skills emphasise accurate reading and composition of German syntax and structures, along with fluency of language. Basic forms of Wortbildung are also discussed.

Grammatical accuracy, while primarily the focus of the small Grammar Class, is also addressed within the context of translation. Topics which relate directly to the dominant emphasis ‘how do you say/handle this in German?’ such as reported speech and –ing forms are grammatical areas covered directly here.


Term I:

Weeks 2-4 Introduction: Resources online, Hammer online grammar, use of dictionaries; introduction to translation techniques from and into German

Weeks 5, 7-10: Translation into German

Term II:

Weeks 1-5 -Translation into English

Weeks 7-10 - Translation into German

Term III:

Weeks 1-3 - Translation exam practice (either e-g or g-e)


Texts from weekly classes and other related materials will be ‘posted’ regularly on Moodle.

Written work:

Individual and group translations are set at regular intervals: there are marked assessments for each block of work, plus preparation of drafts for class discussion or language research in intervening weeks. Past examination papers are increasingly employed in the latter part of the year.

Translation coursework, an in-class translation activity in the Spring term, forms 5% of the module assessment.

Work is also marked to give students a sense of their level and progress. Tutors will also offer individual feedback and comment about specific issues, and are of course happy to discuss work and strategies for improvement with individual students.


Susan Beardmore

Texts and materials for translation classes on Moodle