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GE108: The Changing Face of Germany in Film and Text

Module aims

This module has three central aims:

  1. It aims to provide an introduction to the history of post-war Germany - principally the Federal Republic (West Germany) but also the German Democratic Republic (East Germany).
  2. It considers the development of the mass media in Germany and in particular the role played within the media by writers and intellectuals.
  3. The course aims to foster the analytical skills required to examine diverse types of literary and filmic texts.


The module consists of:

  • a weekly lecture (Wednesdays 10-11 in Room LIB 1)
  • followed in some weeks by workshops (on Wednesdays 11-12 in LIB 1)
  • a weekly tutorial (organised in groups of 8 or so students, taught normally Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays in local rooms [see First Year notice board for details]) devoted to specific literary, political or filmic texts
  • and by the screening of a film or off-air material (on Wednesdays at 2pm in SO.20). This will normally last about two hours, but may last up to three in some weeks (see module programme).